Matt Ross 

Developer, Researcher & Artist

The Batting Lab 
With  With
Client : Mccann / SAS 
Role : Creative Technologist, Web Developer, Data Viz Engineer, Lighting Designer 
Technologies : Touchdesigner, Node.js

Official Project Site :

I joined Volvox Labs in December 2021 to work on the expansive project that was the Batting Lab.  This interactive sports experience is best described as a Video Game in real life.  This space age batting lab was filled with sensors, tracking every movement of a batter, and projection mapped to give real time feedback.  I filled many roles on this lean team.  

I developed two different web applications for this project.  One being a interactive graphing engine, which translated swing hits into multiple different data visualzations.  Another being a login Kiosk which allowed participants to sign into to the cage and start their session.  

I also acted as an LED Installer and Developer, testing, prepping and installing over 1000 LEDs onto the exterior of the cage.  We mapped the DMX out from Touchdesigner, and processed the signal using an Entecc Pixelator to do precise mapping on the cage.  This allowed us to do things like send a stream of light which followed any of the baseball swings a player hit.  

Finally I spent a lot of time integrating content for the custom lessons and building out custom modules for the Touchdesigner software which ran the entire cage.