Matt Ross 

Developer, Researcher & Artist

MADD Sampler by Team MiDi

A soft-surface musical sampler and editor co-created with ASCAP

As part of a Fellowship with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), our team developed a new way of creating and interacting with sound.

Electronic musical instruments are stuck in an old paradigm of interaction. Today, we are mostly able to press a button, toggle a switch, or turn a knob. Music evolved from expressive mechanical instruments such as the piano, yet the current offer for low-cost electronic instruments simply does not provide a compelling layer of expressivity. 

As part of a collaboration between the NYC Media Lab and ASCAP, our team developed a prototype from the ground up to solve this problem. Arnab Chakravarty, Dana Elkis, David Azar, and I tackled the limits of expressivity by inventing the MADD Sampler: a portable soft-surface sampler and editor.


Raspberry Pi

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