Matt Ross 

Developer, Researcher & Artist


Role : Developer, Lighting Designer, & Sound Designer 
Technologies : Python, Flask, LIFX Smart Light Bulbs 

Impression was an Immersive Theater Experience Ran during the Spring of 2019 produced by theater company Journey Lab & Wildrence Performance Space.  The performance was run over 20 times and sold out for the entire period.  

The performance takes place in room that represented the brain of an artificial intelligence entity and proceeded to have a conversation with the “AI” for around 45 minutes.  Participants had a conversation with the “AI” in order to teach it about how to comprehend emotion.  At the end of the experience they had to choose in order to terminate the “AI” or let it live on.  

The “AI” was actually an actor sitting in an adjacent room using a voice filter, and controlling the experience with a custom built web application to control the lights and sounds.  Different cues and directions in the conversation would lead the actor and facilitator to trigger different scenes and responses that would be played out through the lights and speakers in the participants room.

As Technical Lead I built a custom Web Server and Front End Application that allowed us to take deeper aesthetic control over the LIFX smart light bulbs the performance space was outfitted with.  The web application allowed the Actor to control everything they needed to in the participant room, while simultaneously having a conversation with the participant.